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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Difference between recruitment and selection


Recruitment: It is the process of searching candidates for vacant jobs and making them apply for the same.

Selection: It is the process of selection of right types of candidates and offering them jobs.


Recruitment: It is a positive process

Selection: It is a negative process


Recruitment: Its aim is to attract more and more candidates for vacant jobs.

Selection: Its aim is to reject unsuitable candidates and pick up the most suitable people for the vacant jobs.


Recruitment: The firm notifies the vacancies through various sources and distributes application forms to candidates.

Selection: The firm asks the candidates to pass through a number of stages such as filling of forms, employment tests, interview, medical exam, etc..


Recruitment: No contractual relation is created. Recruitment implies communication of vacancies only.

Selection: Selection follows recruitment and it leads to a contract of service between the employer and the employee.


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