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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Tactical side of Talent Recruitment

Talent Recruitment is the backbone of any professional organization. The tactical side of recruiting becomes ridiculously efficient with intuitive automation and unique features like Event Scheduler and eOffer that leave you with more time to deliver game-changing talent. There are few steps that need to be sophisticatedly applied in the recruitment cycle.

Broadcast a head-turning employment brand and create a no-hassle candidate experience with unlimited, audience-specific career portals and employee referral programs.
Eliminate the needle in a haystack feeling for your recruiters and candidates. Candidates describe their dream job and internal HR software should automatically match them to open requisitions that most closely match their interests and skills.
Focus your resources on the right candidates with integrated assessments, background checks, references and pre-screening tools.
Eliminate endless email chains and instantly connect candidates with the right hiring manager. Different Questionnaires support the interview panel with job-specific interview questions and real-time scheduling.
Electronic Offer
Seal the deal faster with eOffers, complete with electronic signature acceptance of employment terms, including preconfigured compensation and benefit packages.
Complete new hire paperwork electronically to help ensure compliance while on- boarding kicks into high gear.
Welcome new hires into the organization and provide them with the knowledge, tools and information to be productive from day one.
Support leaders with key data, analysis and insights into bench strength, recruitment efficiency, quality of talent and compliance vulnerability.

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