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Friday, May 9, 2008

10 Quality Goals for Managers

As per internet research there are numerous fundas and frankly too much gyaan on what many different writers seem to think are the ‘Top 10 Qualities’ a manager should have. The amusing part of it is that every list of the ‘Top 10ers’ seemed to be almost completely different. In fact, there seem to be as many ‘top 10 qualities in a manager’ as there are managers! Below listed are 10 goals that one should strive for when seeking to become a professional, people-person manager.

. See Possibilities – Good Managers know how to bring out the best in others. They look for possibilities that perhaps no one else can see.

. Know the Structure – Know the structure of the company – the guidelines, limitations and policies. A good manager needs to be up-to-date on what the current procedures are in the company so they can give employees good, clear expectations.

. Remember: Small Actions Count! – Little drops of water make the mighty ocean, and little deeds of kindness act as glue that holds the puzzle pieces together. Each time you go out of your way to do something nice for another, it is noticed, and you are respected that much more.

. Be Creative –A creative manager separates a competent manager from an exceptional one. Creativity adds that special spark to otherwise mundane responsibilities and projects, and can act as an inspirational tool for co-workers and other employees.

. Commit – Commit not only to the success of your team’s project, but to your team members as well. Remember: your level of commitment is contagious.

. ‘Human’ – Don’t let your authority create a gap between you and the members of your team. There is nothing wrong with being yourself. Be someone your team members can look up to. Gain respect, loyalty and a good connection that way.

. Stay Versatile – There is always room for flexibility and versatility. Be open to sudden changes and others suggestions – even if they are a junior.

. Think back – Think back to how things would be for you if you were in their place. How would you want your manager to be? Be that manager.

. Have fun while you work – A good manager knows how to have a good balance between being professional at work and having fun in the process. I’ve known this quality to work wonders in combatting attrition as well! But don’t forget, there is a very fine line between having fun while your work and still staying focused.

. Be a role model – Remember that you are the leader for the people who work under you. They will mirror you and your work ethics. Be worthy of being a role model.
Ref: Timesjobs

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