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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Are Your Employees Bored?

While having nothing to do at work is a miniscule part of it, the real boredom stems from a situation where none of the possible tasks that a person can realistically do at work, appeal to them.

Below are the six ways to spot the signs that say your employees are bored:

1. High absenteeism: When employees lose interest, they start bunking work.

2. Productivity dips: Boredom can get contagious, leading to an overall dip in creativity and productivity. This affects the company’s performance and market position.

3. Tolerance levels are lower: Tempers run high and tolerance levels run low.

4. Disinterested body language: One of the easy giveaways is body language. Watch out for dull, stooping employees, with low energy levels.

5. Employees are less forthcoming: One of the best ways for HR heads to spot bored, burnt out employees is to look out for those who do not participate in HR planned activities.

6. Increased work errors: When a good employee starts making consistent errors in work. The span of concentration is lower when work is repetitive or boring.

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