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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Boredom At Work Increases Stress.

Coming to work, chilling on the phone and surfing the internet all day, may sound like a dream job on paper, but in reality, it is more damaging than a stressful day. As the boredom boom sweeps across offices worldwide, many desi workers too, are wasting away at their desks, left unchallenged and uninspired. As an employer, you could lose your best employees. And as a worker, you could stop taking risks, forget how to think out of the box and be setting yourself up to be a job hopper.

On this Shwetambara Sabharwal ,Psychologist says- When you are not assigned enough responsibility, or not interested in the task at hand, you start brooding over other issues. Anxiety over the future and past professional problems begin to surface in an idle mind. You start wondering whether you are in the right job and whether you are incapable of handling responsibilities. That’s how non-productivity and boredom at work can increase stress levels.

In order to tap this, Bosses should:

1. Give employees more structured roles.
2. Make tasks varied and feedback-oriented.
3. Team leaders should set short-term goals.
4. Work should be result-oriented.

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