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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What is Pre – Employment Background Screening?

Pre – Employment Background Screening is a Practice adapted & followed by Organizations, Enterprise, Companies (IT, ITes, and General), Financial or any kind of Institutions to refrain or Prevent Bad Hire or effects and casualties from Bad Hire.

What are the Risks of Bad Hire?

Workplace Violence
Employee Theft
Falsified Employment Applications & Resumes
Negligent Hiring Liability
Workplace Abuse
Employee Frauds
Toxic Workplace Environment

Why Screen?

Earlier In the trusting era the wise & the famous quoted much on trust and man to be trusted, and there were times when statements of a person could be trusted. But Times have changed! In today's environment the order of the day is "Due Diligence". This service provides the "Critical Information for Informed Decisions", the value of which will save the company from financial and Reputation damages and harm.

Past Employment Verification

This is the most commonly sought test by the employers, as this test is conducted to verify whether the employment details such as Designation / Position Held, Employment period, Salary Package, Reason to Quit the Job provided by the candidate about his past employment are accurate and true.

Professional Reference Verification

Professional Reference Verification often plays vital role within final hiring decisions. The modus operandi to conduct this test is to verify the professional credentials of the candidate, such as his performance, Knowledge, Punctuality, Responsibility, Skills (soft & hard) and eligibility for rehire.

Education Verification

The modus operandi to conduct this test is to verify & authenticate the data and documents provided by the candidate are Accurate and not forged or falsified, such as the degree / qualification earned by the candidate, year of graduation or Period attended in case of undergraduates, Percentage Marks obtained etc.

Criminal Record Lookup

The basic idea to conduct this test is to confirm and verify that the candidate in past or present is indulged or convicted or recorded for any kind of offence criminal or any activity Bad in Law. The records are searched within the state police department; search is conducted on the basis of the address provided.

Personal Address Verification

The primary intention to conduct this test is to confirm the identity of an individual, this is to analyze whether the Personal Data provided by the candidate relates to him and there is no case of identity theft.

Drug Test Programme

The basic intention to conduct this programme is to assure that the candidate is not involved in any activity of consumption of legally banned drugs which may affect the performance of the candidate, environment of the office or any damage to the company.


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