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Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama's HR Policy For Tough Economic Times

Obama's HR Policy For Tough Economic Times

Barack Obama said "Hire above the job". Hire a person who is overqualified, especially in these times. They will be eternally grateful, and work twice as hard.

But if we analyze it correctly and try to understand its consequences, it comes out to be not a very easy task. A report on the analysis and understanding on the industry behaviors is appended.

In these times hiring someone currently unemployed because of a layoff that is at or slightly above the basic requirements is a good practice because they will not only make a good addition for the organization in the short term but also provide value for future growth. As the organization grows the position may, in fact, expand to meet the actual experience level of the incumbent.

Successful organizations should always hire with growth in mind because it is easier to have the demands of a position grow around an incumbent than to have an incumbent be expected to grow into an expanded position.

So while one should always hire the most suitably qualified for a position, I think to simply hire a significantly over-qualified person would be a mistake. On the other hand, if a person is marginally over-qualified, then all well and good. They likely would be at the top of any "short list" for promotion as soon as economic conditions improve.

In these times hiring an unemployed person that has been laid off also provides an immediate stimulus for the economy, which may hasten growth for the organization. One other thing to consider when hiring, especially in troubled economic times, is that it is easier to hire pre-need than at need because in waiting for the at-need situation it may be very difficult to hire rapidly enough to meet the needs of the organization.

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