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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Barriers to Goal Setting and Execution

Listed here are 10 Barriers to setting - and executing organizational goals:

1.Lack of clear-cut responsibilities around the goals
2.Lack of a tracking system
3.Lack of an accountability system
4.Lack of commitment
5.Lack of buy-in from people who are expected to fulfill the goals
6.Ineffective communication
7.Lack of time or resources
8.Too many goals are financially driven
9.Focusing on too many or too few goals
10.Goals aren't tied to a longer-term vision

BOTTOMLINE: Get agreement on the appropriate goals for your organization. Write them down. Keep them close by. Get buy in and alignment from those executing the goals. Make them realistic and attainable.

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Shadhin Kangal said...

Six barriers to goal setting in organization from external and internal factors that hampers the effective goal setting and plan development.