Recent Trends in Human Resource Management

Monday, February 4, 2008

Human Resources are the catalyst for Modern Business

Sweeping changes continue to reshape the workplace. Today’s HR professional needs to be more than simply an expert on personnel issues. He/she also needs to be an informed and skilled businessperson since HR professionals must play a key role in helping their organization remain competitive in the marketplace.

HR professionals need to use their sense of commitment, inter-personal skills and training to help make their company a success. The environment of constant change means that they must pay particular attention to cultivating competencies in communications and decision-making skills. They must be able to present the vision of their company clearly. Within this, they must also have a clear and functional perception of the operational management needs. They need to examine and review existing procedures to ensure that improved solutions can be designed and built. They need to emphasize the importance of continuous progress and managing change through goal setting. And finally, they must ensure that the resulting organization is populated and driven by empowered employees.

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