Recent Trends in Human Resource Management

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Organisational Policy & Procedures

Every voluntary/non-profit organization with employees develop human resources policies and procedures. They reflect the organization's values and need to be regularly reviewed and updated.

A POLICY is a formal statement of a principle or rule that members of an organization must follow. Each policy addresses an issue important to the organization's mission or operations.

A PROCEDURE tells members of the organization how to carry out or implement a policy . Policy is the "what" and the procedure is the "how to."

Policies are written as statements or rules. Procedures are written as instructions, in logical, numbered steps.

Policies often have a related procedure, which may be a section of the policy or a separate document that the policy refers to. The procedure gives numbered, step-by-step instructions for carrying out the policy.

Example: A vacation policy would say how much vacation employees are allowed. A related procedure would tell employees how to schedule their vacation time and get approval.
HR generalists are the "Jack of all trades", they are the 'relationship managers' of HR, constantly talking to business leaders and employees. Their focus is to gather feedback on the HR processes and to listen to the needs of the business and employees that is not getting addressed.

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